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Great Story for you guys

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Greetings to you guys and gals!


I made this account to let you guys in on this great story.


I'll begin by telling you that I work for a small town police department in Texas. Now some of our calls are pretty unusual and some funny kinda like this one:



On 07/24 in the wee hours of the morning a call came in about two subjects that stuffed something in a tree, the reporting party didn't know if it was drugs or a love note, so an officer was dispatched to the location, after he did some looking around he found a patch of fake grass and a (What looked to be a cigar tube) stuffed in a hollowed out split. upon opening the tube he found what looked to be a bookmark/log sheet. He brought the log sheet back to the P.D. to take a closer look at it, well after taking a quick glance at it I typed in the URL and here I am typing this! After checking out what all of this is I had the officer take the log sheet back to the location and place a business card for our PD with it, so the next one to find that log sheet will recive a business car as well!


Just wanted to drop by and let you guys know you have been busted!

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Haha, After I did some learning I didn't want to disrupt the hunt!

Welcome to the site and thanks for returning the cache to its spot and not just throwing it away!!!


I love seeing a post like this one from you as I think many times L.E. get a bad rap from the media and a few people who have had run ins (caused by their actions)...


Hopefully, this got you interested in Geocaching and you'll give it a try...


Thanks again for the post!!!!

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As a Texan who was out in those wee hours sticking caches back into their hidey-holes, I'm hoping that if someone saw my partner and I that they ended up with someone like you getting the call!


....was it East Texas? 'Cause we were over there all weekend caching and those hides can be TOUGH! :D

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Hello TexasLawDog, and welcome to geocaching. I'm a K-9 officer in West Virginia and have been caching since early last year. I just introduced a cop buddy from North Carolina to the sport. I'm laid up right now with a broken leg, due to a geocaching trip. Please read my story I posted on this section of the forums. I have informed my whole dept. of geocaching, so if they ever get a similar call to yours, they'll know what it is. It's always good to see a brother of the badge on the forums.

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