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Top caches in Montreal?

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I have looked around and can't seem to find a caching group for Montreal. Anyway, I'll be going to the city in a few weeks and was trying to find some of the "must-hit" geocaches. We'll be staying downtown and likely venturing to Mont Royal at some point (two of the people going with us have never been to the city, so we want to show them that).


Thanks for any help!

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Montreal's got some fantastic caching in the Bois de Liesse (check GCZ19W) if you're looking for forest trails. It's a large hardwood forest with great trails for walking, cycling or cross-country skiing and tons of caches. Look to the north of that area as well, on Laval island. Also, east of there in the Isle de Bizzard, though my experience there was no doubt affected by gorgeous fresh snow and a full moon on new years eve a couple of years ago.


I'm yet to try any downtown caches.


If puzzles are more to your style (pas moi, je suis TERrible at them), there are some fantastic puzzlers in the area, including in Dollard, west island.


Bon chance!

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Wow, good one HJF. I clicked on the map then backed out, and the number of caches in the downtown area is quite impressive. Clearly I have to head down there next time I'm in town.


There are lots in the Mount Royal area I notice, and one's bound to be at the lookout, which is definitely worth a visit while in Montreal.

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Montreal's got some fantastic caching in the Bois de Liesse

All caches in that park have being archived,

at the land administrator's request.


Come to GeoCaching-Qc.com

and ask that question for local answers.


Thre is a Stargate cache nest to the lookout on the mountain,

for premium members only.


My Da Vinci Code - Roslyn in Quebec

multi is quite the hit! ;-)

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