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High sensitivity antenna v.s. Regular

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Im looking to get a Garmin that has a High sensitivity antenna and I was wondering if they are really worth it. In what ways are they better?

It's not so much the antenna as the chip set. High sensitivity receivers give much better results in challenging reception conditions -- such as under heavy tree cover. They are much less likely to lose lock (or be unable to acquire lock in the first place) in situations like that.


These days, almost all receivers except very low end devices feature high-sensitivity receivers. In my opinion, they are worth the money. But YMMV :)

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Thanks, looks like Im going to the realm of the highly sensitive world. Now do you think it will cry when it watches sentimental movies?

No, but maybe when David Tennant leaves the series :D


To continue going off topic...

I think it will be an interesting change. I haven't seen any clips of the new guy yet, just stills. I am looking forward to the show runner changing. Steven Moffat wrote some choice episodes. Of course Russell T Davies will be missed, and having a dual change of a new Dr and new show runner makes me a bit nervous, but I can't wait. Now to finish season 3 and 4, and start watching Torchwood (as I understand it, I don't have to have the two synced until near the end of season 4 and some point of Season 2 of Torchwood any clues as to when I should be sure to have them synced without spoilers would be thankful).

Meanwhile, back on topic. It would be nice if more manufactures gave us the option to use a better antenna than the built in one. You have a nice high sensitivity chip set and an antenna built into the unit, but can't mount a nice external one?

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You can still get by pretty well even without the newer high sensitivity chipsets. I still use a the original Garmin Legend from time to time and it has no problems holding a signal. The only times it struggles is when I am in really thick forest (tall pines). Even then, signal acquisition is hit or miss, and as long as I am able to get an update every once and a while I just use a compass alongside to get bearing shots. I find it just as accurate.


All in all, I can get along just fine without the newer high sensitivity receivers. The luxury factor with them is nice though, no doubt... you'll get a signal no matter how thick the forest is. However, this can also make it less fun in a way in my opinion. :laughing:


To each his own, but technically speaking you can do just fine without a high sensitivity receiver.

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