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Monticello, MN geocachers

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I am wondering if there are any other geo cachers in the Monticello Area that would like to go caching? I have a bunch of fun and exciting (ok not overly eexciting stuff but) that I am wanting to do the:

Sept 1st 6:30pm


Cache In Trash Out Event which is a "take something, leave nothing" type cache.



You are suppose to take garbage and leave a clean enviroment. My children are in scouts (both of them) so we decided that we are going to Geo Caching around Monticello and I will be leaving assorted Geocaching Button pins because my hopes are that you can figure out where I was...............LOL but you pick up trash even if you go to one that my family didn't visit!


ALTHOUGH we are not suppose to leave something I am going to. Like I posdted above there will be geocaching buttons in caches in moticello.



Not at posted coordinates.

This is a "take something, leave nothing" cache.


Please note this cache is not a regular event where we are all together. Each person or geocaching group chooses their own area and day to do CITO.





Please take appropriate cautions such as wearing blaze orange if you are near a hunting area.



The rules of this cache are:

Find a place anywhere in Minnesota that is in some need of cleaning up. This can be a public park, a trail, a road, or a cache site.

Clean up the area for at minimum half an hour or half a mile of trail.

If there is not enough trash at one area, combine 2 or 3 areas

Post the coordinates of your clean up effort or include the name of the park, street or cache area in your log. Report the time you spent there.

Post a description of your activity and who was involved if you were in a group. If you have a digital camera, post photos of the area and/or your found items.

** If you encounter an area that needs extra efforts and extra hands please consider hosting a CITO event there.

Since this is an event cache, choose "attended" or "found it" to receive cache credit.

I allow one “find” per cacher every month.

If you do CITO and don’t want to add to your stats – choose “post a note” instead.

Keep posting what you do on this page – it is important to maintain an environmentally friendly image to our sport and do everything we can to keep our parks and cache sites nice.


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