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Are all 2GB microSD cards the same?

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My vista HCx is on its way. I am looking to get a 2GB microSD card to put some topos on. My question is are all the cards the same?? I mean is one brand better than the other? Thanks in advance


Personally, I would buy one at a well known store, and buy a good name (Sandisk, etc).


Counterfeiting memory cards is getting to be big business now, so I would stay away from any source you can't be sure of.


They'll collect smaller capacity cards, re-badge them, and alter the file allocation tables so the cards report a higher capacity than they are. They work okay until you hit the original capacity of the card....then things go downhill.


So far I've had 2 counterfeit cards. They were 1GB cards, re-badged as 2GB. I used them in my DSLR, and when they got half full, the camera threw an error. (The card is full, but to the device reading it, it's only half full. Hmm..."Not full, but I can't write to it....error!") Because the file tables were messed up, I also lost all the photos that I had taken the entire day.


I contacted the site where I bought the cards, and after emailing them a total of 11 times, then waiting in line at the post office, then another month and half of emailing, I got my money back.


Learned my lesson....deal with a well know electronics store, pay a couple more dollars, and have peace of mind.


Just wanted to let you know about that....if you know where to look online, you can find great deals on cards, but they're not always such a bargain.

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Yes I mean "whatever device" is reading the card, be it a GPS or computer or camera or,, you name it!


SDHC stands for "Secure Digital High Capacity" and mostly only newer machines are designed to use them properly, despite the fact they have the same form factor as SD cards


Most 2GB micro SD cards are of the standard SD format, however there are SDHC versions that might not work with an older reader.

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