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hate waiting, but a new idea


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Its only a FTF if its listed on the site and you find it. So if you find it before its listed its something above first to find it. there will be one person to officially the person to get the first to find, but they will not be some one who was some one to find it when it was secret. Yes there will be some one to find it first as a secret cache, but that would be unofficial.


I am done trying to explain this. ...

Sorry I don't see the point either.


Obviously you have a different mind-set to me, so you could be trying to explain it for years in which time your cache would be published and you already had your 'fun'. :D


There are some local caches near me that we placed as part of a public 'Introduction to Geocaching' event. People hired GPSr's (they were muggles mainly) and went to find the geocaches. They signed the log, and then a few weeks later the caches were published on GC.com. Some FTF'ers and other GC.com geocachers (including myself) thought they used an old logbook from an archived cache. It wasn't until later that I realised what had happened. Nothing memorable and no wow or duh factor. I only thought about it after reading this thread.


IMO I think you are putting in too much effort in and getting diddle-squat out of it.

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I've been thinking about this. (Did you hear the cogs whirring?)


Trying to get some interesting idea for mchaos to work with...


Find your cool spot. Hide cache. This has to be a mystery cache. Find a suitable parking location about 3 miles from the cache, make this your top of page co-ordinates.


The cache starts off as 5* difficulty. The decription just says "Cache is within 3 miles of co-ordinates."


No hint. Let them search. Let the frustration start.


3 months later (assuming it hasn't been found) add another sentence "It's not near a tree." (or whatever) Drop difficulty rating to 4.5*.


Continue drip feeding information onto the page and gradually decreasing the difficulty rating.


Eventually someone will find it.


(But you may have to leave town before then to avoid the lynching party.)




I LIKE IT!!! I know the perfect spot.

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I do believe the reviewers CAN see 'a work in progress' cache where the 'ready to go' check-box is unchecked.

So, one COULD 'reserve' a spot without even hiding a container there, but if someone else comes along and wants to put one there the reviewer will ask you what you intend to do, hide your cache or relinquish the location to someone else.

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The idea has some value, but not if waiting a year before publishing. I call it "testing the location": find a great spot in the outbacks, place a container at said location, wait 1-2 weeks. Go back, and if the container wasn't muggled by wild animals, is in good shape and the experience of searching for it hasn't diminished, then fill it up with swag+logbook and publish it.


Sometimes caches that were published for a long time on other sites are crosslisted on GC. You might think that's a new cache, and find an old cache with some history. I found such a cache (was FTF!), 23 days after publishing, but 741 days (2+ years) after placement.

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