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UAE Event


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Hello all you crazed cache hunters


I would like to plan an event for the cooler months ahead and would very much appreciate your input.


As you can imagine, it is a mission to settle on a date and venue that everyone will be satisfied with.

Therefore, I welcome any suggestions from all the geocachers who wish to attend.


The purpose of the event is mainly to meet with new geocachers in the region and to catch up with the existing ones. And most importantly, get everyone to hide a cache on that particular day.


Once we have a few dates in mind we will pick the most popular date and go with that. The same goes for the venue. As for the time, it is usually good to meet up early in order to have the rest of the day to search for the hidden caches.


Please keep in mind the following when choosing a venue:


-We hope for everyone to attend and therefore need to make it easier for the cachers who need to travel a long way.


-Since the majority of the cachers are spread out between Abu Dhabi and Dubai obviously somewhere like Fujairah does not make sense for a day trip.


-Last year we chose to have the event in Hatta and prior to that it was in Al Ain, it is up to you if you would like to revisit those places.


-Also, we will all be required to hide a cache on the day and share the coordinates at the event. So we need to think of an area that is ‘caching friendly’ as well as a place that could do with a few more long lasting caches.


Ideas will be great from all who check forums. Seeing as Abu Dhabi is the home to most of the active hunters at the moment we hope to hear of some ideas from you.


It would also be best to have the event on a Friday or Saturday in the month of October or November.



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We, Miss 22 and I, enjoyed all of the Hatta caches even if we did not make it to the original event. I'd lean towards repeating Hatta or Al Ain. I would be less worried about the drive so would even consider the Liwa cresent, the east coast or even Ruwais out west. As much as we would love to join in the fun, we will be prevented as we both work Friday and Saturday's. We would try however to plant a cache or two to add to the chase. :)

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Ohhh.... UAE event???? That will be great time and fun!!!! ;) Would be so nice if it will be during the Ramandan when is very quiet business.:) But will try to participate whenever. Just let us know the date before the week. So, can request for the day off. I'm already excited to meet with all psycho geocacher like me.:D

Hoping to attend the event. :mad:

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We have searched a few possible locations for the Event and came to this following coordinate.

N 25 03.403

E056 00.588


As you may notice it is very close to my halloween cache which i will reactivate on the day with a new cache box. The location is very easy to get to and those of you who drive 2x4s might be able to drive all the way but if not you can find a safe spot to park your car as close as possible and we can collect you from there.


It is a nice secluded area where plenty of caches can be hidden.


I will post the event on geocaching.com soon after i get some replies from you guys as to which day you may prefer. We might stay the night if we choose the day to be a Friday.



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What ever happened about the event that never was? Did somebody manage to find out why it never happened at all? Need to know what to avoid when we plan our next event.


none of the host seen in the area... as far as i know the only communication we have is the forum and the event cache site, no contacts at all.


the GZ mentioned was 80-100 meters from the tarmac and is almost on the top of the hill.

stayed and wait till 2.30pm.

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Unless something really unforeseen happened to the organizers I think it was a very poor show indeed. At least SOMEBODY could have had the decency to have posted a reply by now, or even posted a note on the Event site.


Come on over to Qatar for the next event here - you won't be disappointed. If you fly we will even arrange an airport pick up for you! :rolleyes:

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Some last minute planning here - a heads up for a meet n greet BBQ (braai) in Abu dhabi over Eid. Been trying to juggle work shift schedules and flight times of a few people. Seems liek Sat 28th is the best date - sorry for all those that are otherwise occupied.


Trusting that cache: - GC2133M - http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...8e-5bd53aecf376 will be published shortly.


Hope to see you guys there.


It is a BYO at our home in AUH.

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