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Garmin GPS III Help

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A while ago i found a Garmin GPS III near my house. I've asked around and stuff but no one has claimed it, so i figured i should at least learn how to use it.

I've been trying to find waypoints with it, but the compass doesn't seem to work. It doesn't point north and when i turn, the compass doesn't do anything. Same thing happens when i try to go to a waypoint; the arrow just moves with me... it doesn't point to the waypoint.

I've changed the batteries and read the instructions, but that didn't do any good... Help?

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I still have a GPS III+. Used it for finds until I got an Oregon 400t. Other than somewhat reduced performance in tree cover (relatively speaking) it worked pretty well.


And, no, there is no electronic compass. Just one that will indicate while you are in motion.

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