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Geocachers in Birmingham, this is your calling...

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It is true, I contacted the jewellers and this is their reply…


[We have]… been in business for over 87 years. We continue to donate to almost every major charity in our area. We wanted to do something special for the people of Birmingham, Alabama. We hid 100 gift wrapped pieces of jewelry all over the city. From our Museum of Art, to hospital waiting rooms, to benches in public parks and Grocery stores. All public places in all different areas of the city, white collar and blue collar. Some of our best customers found out what we were doing and wanted to get involved. They loved being part of this project! In this trying economic time we just wanted to spread a little Good will and brighten someone's day, with know strings attached. It was a fun project for the store, our customers who were involved and the people who found the present. The packages were clearly marked to Keep and enjoy or give it away to who ever they wanted to.
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