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Well apparently I pass for some one tracking bears.


Last week while seeking this cache, which was very cool by the way, http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...83-b2a177e0d6f1


I was mistaken for some one who tracks the local bears. Not only am I into Geocaching, but I am also into CB and amateur radio and have a large open coil antenna puck mounted right on the center of the roof of my blazer. A local resident while driving by asked me if I was still tracking the bears. I explained I was geocaching to him. He said he saw the antenna and that is why he thought I was tracking the bears.


Part of me wishes I went a long with it for fun, but I am an honest person I guess.

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I just thought it was just interesting to have some one think I was tracking bears. If you seen the antenna on the top of my blazer, I suppose you would wonder what it was for.


It also got me thinking about putting together some disguises. I see that the orange hi vis vest and hard hat is popular. Although I don't know if I could wear the hard hat tho. I think i will just pick up plain baseball cap.


Of course this sort of thing would only be needed for those caches in the middle of a highly populated or busy area, not in the woods etc.


I have a cache hidden where its hard to get without looking suspicious. One finder logged that he put on a hi vis vest, hard hat and brought a clip board with him to get it. Pretty smart. Its had a bunch of people who found it but couldn't retrieve it due to muggles about.

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