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Nuvi 255w max memory card size

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Wife just won a Nuvi 255wt (255w with the traffic subscription) and I'm going to order a memory card for it. I can't seem to find any specifics around on the maximum supported card size.


I was actually going to order a 8Gb MicroSDHC card to use in my Oregon 400t and move my 4Gb over to the Nuvi (with the adapter of course) if the Nuvi would support the 4Gb and SDHC cards.


Anyone familiar with that?


(P.S. Sorry if this has been covered somewhere on here - search limit is on 5 characters, so searching for Nuvi 255w isn't possible)

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You do not need to add a card unless you are going to load additional map programs and/or a large number of photos (and you should use reduced size photos.) The unit has 2GB built in, and there is over 600MB free. This is enough space for all the favorites and POI files you can dream of loading.

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