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GPSr Chewy Toy!

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My dogs don't seem to be hungry for my GPSr, but my cat would love to kill this thing that has a tail (wrist strap.) hanging off the table. He has pulled it off the counter and off the table a couple times. Now I have to be sure to remember to set it so the wrist strap is not temptingly hanging off the edge. :(

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No thats the small one. Barkus the St Bernard is a year old and 150lbs. He's a great dog, his only flaw is he likes to chew. If electronics get in the way .... I keep telling the kids not to leave anything around but everything is within reach for him. He doesn't need to jump up. :D

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Has anyone had their dog chew on their GPSr?

Yes. I used to throw my Garmin 76S down the trail so Geo Kobi could run after it and retrieve it. He would grip it by the edges for the most part, but I would take it back if he put a tooth on the screen. It still works great. I still use it when I set up a new cache, as it will average a waypoint, unlike the Colorado I upgraded to. On those occasions, I will still give it a toss for Kobi.




He manages to sniff out the occasional cache, even without a GPSr.

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