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When I view caches in "MAP" mode. It will show up to 500 caches in the MAP window.


When I am in "LIST" mode where it lists all the caches... It only shows 20 caches per page. I can then hit the link to go to the next list of 20 & so on & so on.... 20 is to few. Is their a way to just have it show all of them that are found? I realize that on some seaches this is as many as 8000, but at 20 per page.. thats several HUNDRED pages and as a result takes SEVERAL HUNDRED clicks to go through them all. If not... what about a way to list maybe 50 caches per page... or even a 100?


Other websites that list say Books, or Movies, or whatever lists they have, have an option to list 10 or 20, or 50, or even a 100 of those items per page. Does geocache have this option for showing lists of geocaches?


The reason I ask... is because in the "LIST" mode I can click the "CHECK ALL" button and then the "DOWNLOAD" button and it will download all 20 waypoints in a LOC file. What I want to do is simply and easily download all 10,000 plus waypoints for the Dallas-Fort Worth area.


I travel all over Dallas-Fort Worth and never know on any particular day where I will be in the DFW area. Sometimes I have 30min to 2 hours to spare. It would be nice to hunt for a few geocaches when I am in the area. I don't always have interrnet capability where I might be. Thus no access to geocaching at the point in time to find the local geocaches. (By local, I mean within 1 to 2 miles of the location I am currently at, at that time.)


My GPS uses a MicroSD memory card. Which I have installed a 16GB card. So I have MORE than enough room to store all the waypoints for DFW, Since my GPS and memory card can easily handle well over 100,000+ waypoints.


Any help would be appreciated.





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