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Cachemate/Palm Pre

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I understand that you HAVE to use the Classic emulator to run Cachemate, I also understand that the 3P app will be updated to support HotSync. What I am trying to figure out is how to use Cachemate with the current version of Classic (e.g. no HotSync). I think I've found the info I need (you connect phone to computer via USB and manually transfer the .prc app and .pdb files to a special folder) and if so I will post it later. Or maybe everyone but me already knows this...so a post wouldn't help anyone!


Sorry for having this in two different posts...

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I lied! I am easily able to get the TRIAL version of CacheMate working, but when I went to "register" it, ran into trouble. I am aware of the HotSync ID in Classic, and have entered my original HotSync name into it.


I contacted Smittyware, and got pretty much a canned response that I should be able to do this.


I'm in ongoing conversations with MotionApps, and will try a hard reset of Classic today (then enter HotSync ID, reload Cachemate, and try again).


Has anyone else had trouble "registering" Cachemate in Classic on the Pre? Any tips/tricks?




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Hey that's great info, thanks!


Is it possible to download your pocket query directly to the phone then load it into Cachemate?? Or (I guess) does it have to be processed on a PC first?


I live in Canada, and we don't have the Palm Pre available here until the end of this month,, I can't WAIT!! Thanks for pioneering all the initial legwork of getting Geocaching working :rolleyes:


Hey, how well does the Pre's GPSr work? Does it work well at a walking pace, how accurate is it??

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Feel free to give me a holler if you have any issues getting set up once you have your Pre! The biggest problem was that all the info I needed for the various things that had to be done wasn't found in a single place - I had to hunt around to figure out the steps to do, then work through actually doing them.


I never even considered trying to download straight to the phone (but I'll sure give it some thought now!). I love GSAK, and process all my queries through it. I was basically trying to replicate my current process, but using the Pre instead of my Z31. So I load my query into GSAK, then use USB transfer to get the data into CacheMate on the Pre. MotionApps is working on HotSync, and it will be supported in an upcoming version.


I can access the GPS data on the Pre directly using a hash code (lots of info on precentral.net). There are a couple homebrew apps for caching, but I just finally got to a place where I have the ability to load homebrew apps over the weekend. So I haven't yet loaded them in and tried them. I never really intended to use the phone as a GPSr though - I love my 60CSx too much!

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