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Who originally created the no burying rule?

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Hi Ya


Just was wondering who created the no burying rule. Have watched the youtube video with Dave Ulmer who planted the first Geocache and he actually buried it. So this must of been created afterwards by someone else. If you look in this video you will also see the dreaded spade being involved in retreiving the cache.



Claire xx

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Gosh, yes I have watched the vid and just watched it again, if only I could afford the air fare.


I am afraid I can't answer your question but I do belive that it was one of the first guidlines created so I asume that would put it at about 2003/ 2004?


Would be intresting to know though.


Thinking about it I would think more like 2002/ 2003

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From what I have read on the forums, there was a group of early forum posters that worked together to create the original set of guidelines, which, as Wintonian posted, should fall somewhere in the 2002-2003 area of time.


When the first "GPS stash" was hidden, this was completely unheard of. Shortly thereafter, the name was changed to geocache to remove negative connotations from the word stash. However, it did not centralize as a sport for at least a year or so, and it was not until that point that guidelines started to be created.

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... there was a group of early forum posters that worked together to create the original set of guidelines, ...


Since then there have been several changes, sometimes offered by forum members. It's still Groundspeak who decided the Groundspeak guidelines. Then and Now.

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