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Waterproof log paper - where to buy?

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We're thinking of placing our first cache but would like to use waterproof paper for the log. Where can you buy it??


REI carries Rite-in-the-Rain notebooks, although they're not cheap! You can also easily find it online with any search engine.


I've never used it myself, but National Geographic also makes a waterproof paper, I understand.

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We're thinking of placing our first cache but would like to use waterproof paper for the log. Where can you buy it??

For ink jet printable sheets, there's National Geographic's Adventure Paper (REI).


For laser printer / photocopier paper, try Rite In The Rain. Available in box of 200 sheets and packs of 20 sheets. Available from a number of places. Best price I found for the 200 sheet box (including shipping) is homeinspectionforms.net. They don't have the smaller 2x3.5" books, but they carry the 3x5" notebook (without the geocaching specific text).

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I was hoping it wouldn't be as "specialized" as what it looks like. I guess finding it at Staples or Office Depot is out of the question.


You can also use Tyvek. You should be able to find large Tyvek weatherproof envelopes at Office Max/Depot/Staples and cut them apart.

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I seem to recall someone getting moderately good results using 'regular' paper sprayed with art fixative spray, or maybe it was hairspray?


I did that for the first stage of a multi, and after three years in a (cough!) Altoid tin (winters under the snow) it was still (barely) readable. Actually, I think I used clear matte acrylic spray paint.

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Interesting options, thanks for the ideas!


You should be able to get National Geographic Adventure Paper at book stores and many camping supply stores if they sell GPS units and National Geographic Topo software. You can also get it from Amazon.com delivered to your door in a few days. It's good stuff

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I bought 200 sheets, 8.5 x 11, Rite in the Rain from someone on the web. I run it through my HP laserjet with no problem (compose sheets in Adobe Illustrator, though you could use Notepad or anything really) then cut it up with my handy-dandy paper cutter.


I think I paid about $25/£15 for the packet.

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We're thinking of placing our first cache but would like to use waterproof paper for the log. Where can you buy it??


How about this.


Waterproof Paper


Great stuff in the rainy Pacific Northwest.


Cachers keep saying my logs are wet.


I do a maintenance run saying I wiped it off on my jeans


I've found some which have gone mouldy, being wet so long. Best plan of attack is to create a water proofed cache, or one which will be sheltered from rain. (A find this evening had the originaly log, dry as could be, in one of those hide-a-key boxes. Good hide that one)


The unasked question is, what to leave in a cache to write with? :anicute:

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Thanks FunnyNose - I'll swing by OfficeDepot and get a pack. The cache will be a micro/mini so there won't be room for a pen or pencil. All of the caches I've come across with waterproof paper worked with a "normal" pen.


This is a Mylar based product which can't get mouldy.


Remember if you print logs sheets on this use a laser printer not an inkjet.


Most good ballpoint pens and pencils will write on this, water based felt pens won't do as well and smudge.


As with signing all logs it is up to the cacher to make sure they have the proper equipment in order

to ink their moniker upon the logsheet.


And last but not least most stores do not have this in stock and have to ordered on-line.

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Being a printer, I would go with something like Tyvek or similar. I happen to have something at work that would work just fine when used with a permanent marker. Be sure to explain that in the description. Send me an email from my profile along with the size and number of sheets you need and we can go from there. I'll cut them down for you and mail them to you free. Cheap is good, free is better!

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