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The Phone software that shall not be named!


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(prompted by comments in another thread)


So there are a few of us out there trying out a bit of software....that shall not be named. :ph34r:


How have you found it?


I think it is pretty amazing and am quite a staunch supporter. As long as I own the required kind of device, I see no need to purchase any other geocaching software. Good to see suggestions on further development coming from others in these forums!


Sent a letter to TPTB legal department. No reply.....

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How have you found it?



Awsome. I find it easier to find and search for caches than the cache search page at the geocaching website. Just type a local suburb or pla Yesterday I entered "Ratanga Junction" and it found it then found all caches close by. It allows me to log finds easily, view comment, hints and inventories.


My phobe does not have a GPS so I cannot comment on its navigation screens, but I have seen screenshots and they look wuite good.


I really like this software.


If I may guess why it is not allowed I would have to think because the author might be using the geocaching name and symbols without permission and my second guess is that the way the software logs in to their site and gets the information may be breaching the terms and conditions. Finally and with some tongue in cheek maybe they don;t like it cause its better than what they have to offer!



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I use a sony experia with windows mobile and really love this app. It saves paper and time.


It adds an ad-hoc spontaneous aspect to geocaching that I have found missing. I can now hunt for a nearby cache wherever I suddenly have some free time and have a decent data connection on my phone. (edge/3g/hsdpa) .


For the more remote locations, I can save a search relative to where I will be and still hunt for the cache, using the stored data when I am there. Hope I am making make sense :-)?.


It is also convenient to log your find 'sommer' at the cache - especially on a holiday trip. I usually had to keep pages of cache sheets till after a holiday and spent a few hours updating finds when I get home.


My traditional Garmin GPS use with printed cache sheets can now be reduced to about 20% of what it was.


Why can the app not be named? Am I missing something?

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GeeeeZ why is there such a problem to name a naughty application.... Lets bring it out in the open so we can rap them over the knuckles for bringing out such stuff....


I too have no idea which software this is but if it can get me to Ground Zero quicker than the rest.... and stop me from trampling all over the environment cause some other software isn't as good.... That would be great....


PM me too.....

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:laughing: I have been using the software that shal not be named for a few months now and find it amazing. :huh: Every now and again the software goes ape after GS changes something on their server but have found that the latest version will already be published and ready to go. I do not think there are any functions available that are only available to premium members. I have found that I am using FAR less paper that is a good thing and a lot less browsing time on the web. :yikes:
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