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oregon 3.01 software

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I installed the newest software on my oregon 300 and all the previous problems have seem to have gone away. No more screen lock-up and no more powering off by it's self.


A few of the changes I do like is the fact they added sub-topics to the "where to" categories. Another thing I noticed is the accuracy has been better I see 10 feet or less 95% of the time, even in my truck driving down the road it's 10 feet or better. I see 8 feet on a regular basis.


Anyone else installed the new 3.01 software?

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I don't have an Oregon, but on the second page of topics in this forum, there is a 2 page discussion going on.

I haven't read it so I don't know if the reviews are good or bad.



I'm staying away from it at the mo as it looks like 2.99 was a bad release and 3.01 just fixed it so 3.01 should be ok but to be honest 2.99 dosn't realy give me anything I'm intested in like fixing the annoying compass, drift or occasional shut down I get with 2.98.


As flattie said lots of info and disscusion here

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