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COINTEST: Man Vs. Cache Coin Icon

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Howdy, as the coins are nearing completion and reservations are now closed I figured it was as good a time as any to start looking at Icon ideas. I know we have many talented artists and an equally large number of folks that just like to dabble with graphics so put those creative minds to work.


You can post here and the one I feel best represents the concepts of fire and survival will win a Artist Edition Man vs. Cache geocoin. This will run until August 14th.


Also, if this isn't your cup of tee I have a few more ideas for cointests yet to come so stay tuned!

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I'm thinking along these lines:




But I still have some adjusting to do...


(I'm trying to capture the idea of generating a spark in the darkness. Not sure I'm there yet.)


Edited to add: here's a slightly smaller spark; maybe it's more "sparky". Hmm...



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Little different approach to the design, but what about something like these?






Both of these are 32x32 pixels. Only difference is that the first one has a round background, while the second one is square. They are simple enough to be recognizable at 16x16 as well.


I have license to use both of the original images used in creating the icons, so there are no copyright worries.

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Very cool sharknose, it looks like he's hurtling the fire :P


Thanks, glad you like it. I was thinking that it could represent "humankind overcoming fire as it advances". Or something like that. :)


I'm working on a second one with more of a firestarter theme, but it needs something more to work right. I'm not quite happy with it yet. I'll mess around with it more this week.

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I thought of something I wanted to try with this tonight...





This second one just adds a bit of flame to the background. Not much different than that first, but a little less of a ball effect to the fire.


Edit: Was curious to see what it looked like from the side, so I made these:





The last one just removes the extra flames.

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Those are also very neat. It is so interesting to see how each artist interprets the theme. Keep them coming!


I did get clarification on the requirements for icons.

16x16 and 32x32 pixels, GIF format, no animation (which is too bad as a flint being struck would be so cool)

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Congratulations anne.and.elli!!!


We've reviewed all the icons, sized and resized them, and thought about the elements of firestarting and survival and we have come to the decision that your icon best encompasses those elements.


To everyone else, thank you for your contributions and keep an eye out for another cointest once the coins arrive.


ZSandmann + Wife

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Thank you so much!! There were some gorgeous icons here so I am totally honored that I won! :) (Poor Eli, he doesn't read the forums and he has no idea how much his name gets dragged along. :P )


I love these coins and I can't wait to get them!! I already preordered a couple (2? 3? I don't remember anymore :lol: )


Yay, thanks again!!

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