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Pre-ordered Dakota 20

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I am leaning in that direction. However, I am waiting to get some reports from someone who has actually used one. I am especially interested in screen visibility in the sun compared to the Oregon. Please let us know when you finally get yours.

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I'm about to jump on the pre-order. Like a fool who started out with pre-ordering the Colorado, I can't believe I'm taking the plunge again. Hopefully the software is much more fleshed out and we won't have to wait 6 months to a year for the dog-on thing to be up to par.


One thing I'm really waiting on are reports of screen brightness. The pixel density is much lower than the Oregon so it should = much brighter screen. Actually the screen size and pixel count of the 60CSX and the Dakota is basically the same so I would expect a brighter screen in bright sun and other challenging conditions.


Has anyone held one? Noticed a big difference in readability? I'm one who thinks the Oregon 300 is satisfactory in sunlight but a brighter screen would be very cool.

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Assuming the 3-axis compass is the same as the Oregon 550t it does work much better than the 2-axis compass in the Oregon 400t and older Garmins. BUT it does require at least as much calibration, if not more, and I have had a few issues with my 550t compass spinning to the point where it required a reset.

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Garmin seems to have always had recalibration issues with there electronic compasses. With my maggies (SportTrak, eXplorist), I could go weeks and sometimes months without noticing any need to recalibrate the electronic compass. I haven't used my PN-40 as much as my maggies, but I certainly have been able to change batteries without having to recalibrate.


To get back on topic, I'm going to wait until I hear feedback on the screen readability. My Colorado pales in comparison to the PN-40, and I know the Oregon 400 was worse than the Colorado. I haven't heard any comparisons between the 550 and the Colorado. It would be nice if they could get a touch screen model that was at least as visible as the Colorado. I'll just wait until REI has both new units, and then compare them side by side outdoors against my Colorado and PN-40.



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To get back on topic, I'm going to wait until I hear feedback on the screen readability.


I'm doing the same thing except for, waiting for the Lowrance Enduras to come out :(


I've heard Lowrance has put some effort into making their touch screens easy to view while outdoors. Also their Sierra model has a 3-axis compass too, can't wait to hear that works in real life!

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I haven't heard any comparisons between the 550 and the Colorado. It would be nice if they could get a touch screen model that was at least as visible as the Colorado.



They are very similar. I believe that the x00 and x50 Oregon use the same screen with a different touchscreen surface, the 550t's is very glossy making it appear a little brighter (with somewhat more glare) than the x00 screen. Pretty close to the Colorado if I hold them side by side, although the CO might have a slight advantage.

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It's a Cartesio based on the descriptions. Unfortunate too.


I've had my Oregon for a little less than a year. With the current software it's a solid unit feature wise BUT the weak link appears to be the Cartesio chipset paired with the ceramic/hybrid antenna. It does a lousy job finding WAAS, is very unstable at slow speeds or under tree cover, and tracklogs are terrible.


In my opinion, if Garmin would simply address the lousy reception by fixing the firmware, the Oregon/Dakota would be really solid units. There is hope for this.


I'm waiting on reports about Dakota's screen readability. Any of you brave early adopters out there PLEASE fill us in. REI says if you opt for express one-day shipping that you should have unit in hand by Thursday, July 16th. Thats tomorrow people!

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I'm sure Garmin will be happy you have paid to be a Beta tester for the Dakota! :ph34r:


Sort of the name of the game around here, right?


Oregon and Colorado early adopters I'm sure felt a little pain waiting for those firmware updates.


It certainly would be nice if they had their firmware a little more polished before they released their devices but I can deal with it.

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Uhum, uhum,.... waiting with bated breath you early adopters!


What say ye on the screen brightness and smaller key-punch area (concern for those of us with giant fingers)?


Any packages left by the UPS guy yet?


No packages. REI, GpsCity and Amazon all still say on backorder.


I'll update when my status changes, the rest of you dakota pre-orders do the same.

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Looks like shipping has been delayed at REI and perhaps other retailers. They changed the one day shipping estimate to July 21st from July 16th. :ph34r:


Shipping Method Estimated Arrival Date

Standard Shipping Monday, July 27, 2009

Two-day Shipping Wednesday, July 22, 2009

One-day Express Shipping ** Tuesday, July 21, 2009

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I just spoke to a Garmin tech and shipping will not be until next week. That is shipping from Garmin to there dealers.BUMMER I am waiting anxiously also.


Someone at Garmin must have tried to use a Dakota, and found out they were shipping bricks....... :lol:

Look at the bright side......... Garmin still has 47 more states to name GPS's after.......maybe the Garmin Rhode Island GPS will be a winner! :ph34r:

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The ship date at REI keeps getting pushed back. I called their customer service line today to inquire about when they'll be shipping. I was told that the units haven't arrived from Garmin and could be delayed as much as a few weeks. They keep pushing the shipping date back day by day, I don't know why they just don't say "unknown". It's a bit deceiving if you ask me.


DAKOTA Availability/Shipping

Standard Shipping - Friday, July 31, 2009

Two-day Shipping - Tuesday, July 28, 2009

One-day Express Shipping - ** Friday, July 24, 2009

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And the date slips and slips further into almost August. No big deal unless I ordered it One-day Express to show up last week. :unsure:


Standard Shipping - Friday, July 31, 2009

Two-day Shipping - Tuesday, July 28, 2009

One-day Express Shipping - ** Monday, July 27, 2009

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Two recent reviews on the Internet from actual users (with side-to-side pictures for comparisson) clearly indicate that the new Dakota 10 screen is darker than any other sports Garmin model ever produced. I tried the older "Oregon" and the screen was unusable in sunlight, based on the photos, the Dakota is noticeably worse. The model does not have text-to-speech either so it isn't even useful as a car GPS in my opinion.

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I'll make a few comments on the Dakota screen:


Outside under reasonably bright light the Dakota is more reflective (15-20%?) than the OR 400t and about the same or slightly more reflective than the OR 550t.


The backlight is not as strong as either Oregon.


Light colors get washed out and appear gray compared to the Oregon.


Overall I would say it isn't any worse than either Oregon, maybe slightly better overall but it is not significantly better, something I was hoping would be the case with the lower resolution screen.


Full review here:



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Some curious observations based upon your reviews.


1) The antenna in the Dakota picture looks identical to the one in the Oregon 550t picture.


2) The metal plate over the electronics appears to be shielding of some type. I wonder why the Oregon doesn't have it / why the Dakota does.


If this unit is more unreliable at drawing tracks than the Oregons then I'll definately hold off until it's fixed. The tracklogs on the Oregon are bad enough. About the backlight, I wonder if it's limit is software based in order to claim a 20 hour battery life.


I was looking for something with longer battery life, smaller size, and more readable screen. All in all, the dakota, to me, doesn't sound all that tempting right now.

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