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2009 Black canyon beach Luau Geocoin.

River Cacher

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This year a Geocoin committee was formed to help design a special Geocoin for the 2009 Black Canyon Beach Beach Luau event and here is what we came up with.


Committee included Lori Darlin, Pablo Turtle, Andillyo and myself.


Andy handed over a hand drawn picture for the front and together as the committee here is what we have came up with.


Lori Darlin laid out the back and filled in the front to bring this all together.


These photos do not show it well since there is Raised and lower levels of metal on the coin.


The coins will be in on the 22nd almost 100 of these will be for sale at the event.


The size will be a LARGE 2 inches by 4mm.


I will post new photos when i have coins in hand.





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Luv Tikis... can I have 1? will trade for it.

The only thing i could say is to keep a eye out after the event on here to see if any are available and who wants to trade.


There is 100 event coins made in New Antique Gold.


Then there is 50 Shiny Gold that was made and sold to the committee members.


There may be 100 more made in a different metal after the event if there is any demand for them.


I will post on this thread on the 2nd late or 3rd to let eveyone know if any are left.

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VERY COOL coin guys!!! I'm planning to make it up to this event and will be getting me one of these!! :ph34r:


opps :ph34r: didn't notice who I was logged in as...duh!! Mrs Cachunuts will be attending the Luau!!


WHOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am besides myself hearing this!!!!!! whoopie whoopie whoopie!!!!!!!

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I am so excited to see the coin in person, or at least a good picture. We all worked hard on this coin and I think our efforts are going to be rewarded with a really unique coin. I am so glad you guys, River, Lori and Pablo, let me be a part of the coin design committee. Then top it off with you guys all choosing to use my design for the coin, I was and am still on cloud nine!! Luau's just around the corner too, cant wait to meet some of you that I havent met yet there.

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The event is now over and i have a some coins left of the Antique Gold version.


These are Trackable at Geocaching.com


100 Antique gold. For sale at event.

50 Shiny gold. Committee members Only purchased.

14 Antique Gold. Committee members volunteer coin.

100 ?? Max will be made in different metal for a total of 264 made. Maybe new antique Gold or not Gold ??


Coin has a custom icon and some translucent paint.


The coins are the Antique Gold 2.0" inches x .4mm thick.


The cost is 12.50 each. Limit 4


2.50 US shipping. .50 each additional coin.


3.50 out of US 1.00 each additional coin.


You can also add some RC Firetruck coins and save on shipping if you would like.


Please send me a email and i will send you a Pay Pal Invoice.


It may be tomorrow before i return emails since it is getting late and it was a long weekend.


Thanks to all that helped make this a wonderful event.

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We now have the next metal choice in hand and availible.


We where unable to do these in Black Nickel for numurous reasons such as removing black paint and etc.


We have done the the last version in NEW ANTIQUE GOLD and it is ready to ship.


Next year we will be doing another style of Tiki Coin for the event and the NEW ANTIQUE GOLD will be the main one for the event and we will not be making the regular antique gold.


The New Antique Gold Compliments the colors the best of any so far.


Free shipping on the second and third coins to any order.

2.50 US shipping up to 3 coins. .50 each after

3.50 out of US shipping and up to 3 coins. 1.00 each after


I do have a few of the Regular antique gold Tiki coins and some Firetruck coins as well and they can be added to this order with special shipping rates.



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What is the difference between the new and regular antique gold versions? Or did you already explain that?


I am confused too. In one spot it says the event sold coin was new antique gold and in another ant gold. Not sure which is which in the pictures either....

I am sorry i did not post it on the upper picture of it being the Antique Bronze and the Lower picture is New Antique Bronze.


I had planned on doing New Antique Gold for the event but we went with Antique Gold.


I now have the New Antique Gold in hand and i think it looks much better then the Antique Gold.


There is not a lot of diffenece but i think the translucent paints show up much nicer on the NEW GOLD.


They say it is more of a copper look with the New Antique Gold.


Sorry for the confusion but that is just the way i am sometimes. :mad:

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I'm that way sometimes too! :mad:


Maybe a picture of the two finishes side by side would be helpful. I bet a lot of people have never seen the new finish.



Left is the NEW Antique Gold and right is the regular Antique Gold.


I was told they may do away with the regular antique Gold and i want to make sure i have the same Antique one every year for the event and this was part of the reason of making this coin the New Antique Gold as it will be done every year in the same.

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