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Indianapolis Caches


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Going to be in Indianapolis next week. Am planning on caching one day if possible. What are some of the cool caches in the area? I am looking for easier caches (due to the heat) but still see some cool things.


Wow, there are so many! "His Favorite Niece" in Crown Hill is a wonderful virtual and I guarantee you'll enjoy the trip there. There are several virtuals on the downtown canal that can't be beat for getting a taste of our fair city. One is about Medal of Honor winners, and there's one for the USS Indianapolis. What part of town are you staying in??

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I can second Dulcimer Guy's suggestion to hit the White River State Park area. Lots of great caches (both virtual & traditional), plus you get a great view of the city and it's a great place to just walk from cache to cache (no bushwhacking!). I love to take folks down there when they are visiting our fair city. If you do go the WRSP route, be sure to check out GC6BFF ("92 Counties" Virtual). Oh gosh, there are just so many, I can't pick a fave there! LOL

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I'm going to have to agree with everyone, downtown Indianapolis is awesome, and there are some great cache's there. I prefer the traditional ones, and you can do a nice walk around the city starting from the always eventfull Mass Ave through the circle all the way down the canal. Lot's of good food and cache's along the way :ph34r: And maybe if you're lucky a street performer or two.


Around the southport area there are some good ones too, mostly up towards the Greenwood mall area.


I'm not good at recommending specifics, I'll leave that up to everyone else, but I just thought I'd say that I agree with everyone else though :ph34r:

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Thanks for the suggestions. I did not end up getting to cache because of playing taxi for a 13-year old bowler and his grandmother who lacked transportation. I did manage the virtual at the Speedway before We left time, so at least I got to add Indiana to my states list. Indianapolis is a beautiful city- the wife and I will definitely make a return trip in the future and so some caching then.

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