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Stolen GPS Units


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I went geocaching before I stopped off at the zoo parking lot to dance. While I was inside dancing someone popped the door of the car and stole both my 60 CSX and my new Oregon.


Bummer, make sure to keep an eye on Criags list and you might be able to buy them back real cheap and put the guys in jail at the same time. 0002011B.gif

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There have been lots of reports of vehicles broken into that had GPS units sitting on the dash. Be sure to hide them away or take them with you when you are away from the vehicle for an extended period of time.

Mine were well hidden, however; when they broke in I guess they found then when the riffled the interior of the car. My windows were cracked open do to the heat and I guess they managed to hit the electric lock.

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I had a unit stolen before and it is not a good feeling. I was in a foreign country (fortunately I had a backup unit with me) so I did not do anything more with it. After I got a new gpsr to replace the stolen one, I called Garmin to see if I had to buy new maps. I was told that if I had gotten a police report, they might have been able to help me.

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