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best place to buy a GPSr


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Dell has deals now and then. I got my Oregon 300 for $273 and change delivered, that was with a instant $150 rebate. Make sure you get your new GPSr from a authorized vendor so there are no problems if you have warranty issues. Most vendors on the "bay.com do not fall in this category.

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When researching my Oregon 400t purchase I used Google Shopping to pinpoint the lowest price. I saved about $200 over retail list and got the best price available at the time.


Prices are always changing. For example - if I had waited a week I could have gotten in on a special on the Oregon 400T for $60 less. That's the way it goes.


Once you decide to pull the trigger, checkup on the site you decide to buy from and go for it. I used a small outdoor retailer out of Michigan (http://www.northadamsoutdoors.com/). Their customer service was great, price was great and an overall nice transaction.

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I checked amazon today and I not sure if they are good deals or not. $290 for a GPS60CSX and $320 for an Oregon 300???


OK prices, but you can get better if you hit the right deal. Check the Google shopping site and sort by lowest price. Then pick the best price you can find from a reputable dealer. Often the lowest end prices are scams, or

from shady dealers. I use Amazon as the benchmark as they usually have a good price, but sometimes you can find better. In fact you can sometimes find better prices on Amazon too, but you have to keep checking.

Once in a while WalMart.com will have a really good deal too.


The key is to shop around.

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