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Owner id's missing in my gsak Stat file

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Its a pain signing up to another forum .


Will have a look, thanks

Yeah, I know it is, but when it comes to GSAK, there's some very helpful people and pretty much can answer any question about GSAK.


I think I know what's going on, but again I don't want to tell you to purge your database, cause it's not reversible. But it should auto tag the owner id#'s for you when you are running that macro.

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And when I run add logs macro to get them, it takes me to the users profile page, but I cant see anyones owner id there to copy into the pop up box in gsak.


Help please

The only way I know of to do it from the profile page is to view the source, then search for "See forum posts". The ID will be right before that sentence.

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