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Harmony Optimism

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This is the third geocoin in our Harmony series. A great Mackey series that we're proud to continue.




Purchase it HERE!


Coin Stats:


1.75" diameter

3.5 mm thick

Foggy Silver plating

Imitation Hard Enamel with Translucents

Trackable with a unique icon


Mr. Mackey has this to say:


We all know them... the eternal optimists who see good in even the worst of times. The injustices of life seem to wash over them like water on stone while they remain unmoved from their position of stalwart good nature. I'm reminded of these people every time I've attended a CITO event. You see people shaking their heads at the deplorable conditions while smiling and holding open bags to receive the debris being removed. They know it could happen again, but they're positive that they've made a difference and I agree.


I see cachers releasing new coins after all their previous coins have been stolen. I see cachers replacing muggled caches and setting new ones regardless of how many have been lost to chance and poor behavior. Nothing seems to get these people down and they're my caching heroes. So we begin to wonder where all this positive energy comes from. Were they born this way? Was it learned behavior? Are they just lucky in life to be oblivious to the depressing circumstances that can sometimes cross our paths? In my researching optimism I've found some wonderful insight into the positive and the old addage of what you put in is what you get out has never been more apt.


On the one side of the newest Harmony Series coin you'll see arrowheads pointing within over symbols of balance and peace from cultures around the world with the words Optimism Resides Within. Whether it's the Japanese Choku Rei "Cho-Koo-Ray", the Hindu symbol of the Absolute (Om) or the beautiful Native American Wheel of Life the messages are the same. Peace within is found in what we except into ourselves and what we exude is a mirror reflection.


The second side of the coin displays much larger arrows pointing out with the multiplied benefit of what has been gathered within. We invite you to decode the Braile to learn the words depicting the Harmony of Optimism. This geocoin is a constant reminder that every day brings the promise of greater things. Geocaching is all about giving more of yourself and enjoying more of life and this coin is all about that positive energy that radiates from the cachers we admire.

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