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Conversion of GIS data to GPX formats

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While exploring some awesome maps that I recently found for Kentucky (http://kygeonet.ky.gov/kytrails/viewer.htm) I found that you can also download the GIS data in GDB format (not Mapsource GDB files, but rather a .MDB database file).


I'm not sure if this data can be used to convert to GPX files for individual trails or not. It is used by the ERSI system to render data in layers on the basemaps in the browers.


While I have the files I really don't know how to proceed to get the trails converted to a GPX series of files that can be used for loading trails to my GPSr.


Anyone got experience with this and know if its possible and what the process is like? I don't have ArcGIS at home, but have access to it at the college I work for - but of course don't have a clue how to use it so that doesn't help me much. I may ask around to find out if there is a professor that would be able to help.


Thanks - Jeep4Two

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Yes, there are ways to convert your GDB (I think you refer here to a geodatabase file) to GIS shapefiles using ArcGIS, then the free DNRGarmin software to export to gpx format. There may some intermediate steps such as editing out single "tracks" and getting the data into Lat/Lon WGS84. You could play with it at college, or I'd be happy to have a look at your GDB file. Contact me if interested. Garmin GPSrs allow a finite number of "saved tracks" you can have loaded. My 60Cx uses 20 at any given time. I went to your listed site but it sat in the "loading" mode and would not let me on.

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