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LOST & FOUND... but WHERE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

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This one needs to have Twilight Zone music playing in the background.... :blink:


Been busy with work and home and kids and a bazillion other things (and sorry for not being in the forums in forever) so my cache maintenance list had been piling up. So a couple days ago I had a day away from work and decided to do a marathon maintenance run which ended up being about ten hours of work in bad weather. One of my caches was DNF'ed a few months ago and I went and checked and it was a piece of camo that was adhered to the side of something and was pretty slick. It's near my home so I checked and sure enough, it had been pried off and some of the adhesive was still remaining, the camo was totally gone. I figured some muggle thought it didn't belong so they removed it and tossed it. So I replaced it somewhere nearby with a different (and better) camo job and didn't think much of it. Until my maintenance run.


While I was doing my duty maintaining caches I checked on the new camo and still sitting pretty. Then during the run I was at another cache about 5 miles away and found that hide needed a little repair so i was doing my work when I looked up and there was a nearby utility box and just tossed up on top of the box was my original camo from the hide I replaced a while back! HUH?!?!?!? :)


Now I can understand some non-cacher stumbling across the original hide and disposing of it, but to find it at another cache location kind of has muggle-cacher written all over it. It was very secure in place where it was hidden so it took some good effort to physically remove it and the damage on the camo showed that.


So I guess my question is why would someone of removed it, other then "Hey, neat camo, I'm going to make that one of my hides back <somewhere else>" but if that's the case, then why leave it at another hide's location miles away from the first? Duh?


Kinda baffled by that but sometimes I not so wisely try to figure out why people do what they do....

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Perhaps they accidentally broke it, and had intended to bring it home for repairs, but set it down at the other cache site and forgot to take it with them?

It was still intact and functioning perfectly when I found it except for the deep grooves on the back of it where it had been forcefully pried from it's spot, permanent double-stick taped, and they left matching pry marks and some of the double stick on the hiding spot.


It could of fallen off... if you define "falling off" as someone breaking a sweat yanking something up with a claw hammer or pry bar. Much in the way that fully driven 10 penny nails fall out of a 2x4 :(


>>> bypassing my subliminal sarcasm, someone removed it and it wasn't broken :D

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It could have been a newbie that didn't understand that the cache was not to be taken, that's a fairly common misunderstanding, then when they got to the other cache they figured it out and just left the first cache at that location.


But then if they had to pry it out forcibly they were likely stealing it and something happened at the second cache site, a guilty spell or they heard somebody coming and abandoned it.

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