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Do you read the FAQ

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Oh Carolyn, Carolyn, Carolyn...

Now you've done it! ~huge dramatic sigh~


Chads buddy said you were only allowed to bump the thread and now that you've posted something other than a bump, Chads friend will have to post a THIRD try.


~shaking head all dramatic-like~


What are we gonna do with you, Carolyn....?


What TO do!?




Oh yeah.....BUMP


Thanks for the helpful bump.. I'm sure we will all remember you kindly for it. You are the most helpful person on this forum... a fact to which I am SURE we will all agree. You just elevated what I hoped would be a helpful thread to one more angst-filled, snarky fight. Would you please go feed your goldfish? Thanks.

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Will you please delete your recent posts? I am TRYING to create a helpful thread here, and you insist on sabotaging it. If you will delete your distracting posts, I will also delete my replies to them and maybe, just MAYBE we can come up with a constructive message here for the new users. Work with me.

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