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where's "number of users watching this cache"


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Are you sure anyone is watching your caches? The text isn't there at all if no one is watching.

Oh, that could be, I just assumed it always said at least 1, because of the owner watching it. That makes sense though.



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I submitted to watch you cache but it took a while for it to show up. You are 1 of 1 user(s) watching this cache.


With the bookmark option it won't show a count so you won't have no way of knowing who is watching.

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In CT, every cache that comes out has 1 watcher the instant its published. I'm guessing it's our reviewer.


His/her mailbox must be insane.


One of our reviewers does just that till that cache gets its FTF and STF, it is his way to make shore there are no other problems with the cache he has approved.

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I never paid attention to how many people were watching my caches. Now I wonder if there is any way to see who those people are, sort of like you can see users on a subscriber only cache?

This is something I would like to see. That way I would know that either somebody I know or somebody I don't looking at one or more of my caches. Maybe a link in the " 'X' cachers watching this cache" text to send to a simple page simular to the "Trackable History" page. It doesn't have to be a link for anybody but the cache owner, but I don't see a problem with other users to see a list of watchers as well.


Any other thoughts???

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