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acquiring satellite

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Mine has done this a time or two...


I simply power it off and back on, seems to help...


Also when waiting I touch the signal indicater up in the top left corner for a few seconds and it turns to the screen where it shows what Birds you unit is tracking and realitive strenght to each and finally estimated accuracy of the unit...

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I have a Nuvi 255w and I am also noticing an odd behaviour that wasnt there before.

The nuvi 255 is supposed to have hotfix and remember sats position for a quick lock, but lately when I turn it on it has to spend a moment acquiring the signals, even if the GPS has not moved from the same spot for hours.

Before it would remember and when turned on it would automatically lock not so anymore, wonder what can cause that?

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Is the gps near to ANYTING radiating, including polar stuff.

My Oregon doesn't work with a polar nearby.


Else try Off/On cycle, don't move the gps for a while and don't shield it off.


As said see mail solo63137 signal ind. to be sure how many birds the gps is receiving and locking on.

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I had the same issue since last night.

I was driving along a road and suddenly got the poor sat reception warning and the sat screen was telling me that the NUVi was only locked on three birds.

This morning it was locked on five and would not see any other birds.


Heres what solved my problem:

In the SAT screen, press the square for the elevation field for a few seconds and a new screen should appear.

Press the START WRM button (dont know what the other does).

It will reset the sat data and restart the acquisition.

Now I have back at least 8 birds with only bird 1 and 30 missing but it sees it, I guess they were too far int he horizon to lock.

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