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I'll point out the obvious just in case: Check your junk/spam filter to make sure they aren't getting caught there (add @geocaching.com to your safe sender list).


Of course make sure you check a day of the week on the query to get it to run. If you check today's date it should run fairly quickly and generate the e-mail.


Info on PQ's here: http://www.markwell.us/pq.htm


There is also the possibility that the queries are just running slowly - that does happen from time to time.

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Why can't I get my Pocket Queries?

There are a couple of things to check.

  1. Make sure your results are set to "Zip". Overzealous virus filters may kick out .gpx files, even though they cannot execute (they're just actually text files).
  2. Did you select a day to run? Even if you tell the query "run once then delete" you HAVE to select a day of the week ("Monday") for the PQ to run.
  3. Did you mistakenly click "Add to queue"? The "Add to Queue" button on the pocket query page is ONLY for getting a pocket query of all of YOUR finds.
  4. Did the query generate yet? On the Pocket Query Page in the grid, if the query has generated in the last 24 hours, it will be bold with a date. If it hasn't generated yet, it may just be waiting its turn. See the note on "priorities" below.
  5. Check your spam folder. With a subject line that looks automated and an attachment that is likely in the format of 999999.zip, some overzealous spam filters may place it there.

GC.com instituted a priority for when PQs would run. It is based on the last time the request has run. Queries that have NEVER run get first in line. Queries that ran a long time ago are next, and queries that ran just the previous day are last. If you desparately need them, the suggestion until they get a fix is to copy the query to a new one and let it run. You should get the results almost instantly.

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Thanks for the replys. PQ have been generated but have not been sent out. I have now exceded 5 max queries for Thursday. Is it possibly a problem using a hotmail email address? There is nothing put into my junk box, and I recieved mail last week from Geocaching. Willhave to try again tomorrow.

Thanks Richard

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Groundspeak have had problems with Hotmail 'throttleing' emails sent out.


Gmail/Googlemail is a popular choice amongst cachers around here, as Google don't seem to have problems with Groundspeak... I use a gmail email address and am more than happy with it.


If you set up a PQ, don't check a day to run to start with.

When you 'submit information' the page will tell you how many caches you will get, and show on a page which ones. This is useful if you set a PQ that doesn't actually return any caches -ie you set 'caches I've found' and 'caches I haven't found' -once you're happy with the information you get, check the day to run.


Saves a lot of PQ's in the long run!

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