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help with oregon 300

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Need a little more info. How are you downloading them to the device, what folder are you putting them in and what do you mean by only getting the basics.

I have installed Easy GPS and Garmin Communicator. By basics, iI mean the name of the cache, the coordinates, but no comments and hints.

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EasyGPS will only send the basics of the cache over to your unit.


Try GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife) and see how you like that. It will do what you want.


You coiuld also just copy your pocket queries direction to the X:\Garmin\GPX folder too while in mass storage mode.

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I simply copy the GPX files directly to the Unit when it's in mass storage mode ([Drive:]\Garmin\GPX). You don't need GSAK if that's all you are going to use it for. To remove the GPX files, you simply navigate to that same drive and delete the GPX files.



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