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we thought a cointest was in order!...


so it's simple really! All you need to do is email me the name of our First Nations artist who came up with the design!...


do NOT write the answer in this thread!! LOL! Email it to:



with "BCGA 2009" in the subject line...


and then type a little msg here telling us what you like the best about the coin! (shameless I know!)...


one entry per person!...

Anyone and everyone can enter!...


that's it!...


the names of the correct answers will be added to a bucket and 2 winners will be chosen for the BCGA 2009 Members Only coin (Brushed Black Nickel)....

and the contest closes on July 15th...

oh, here is the link to the coin thread to make things easier!...



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Email sent. An excerpt from the email:


...I like it for several reasons: 1) the suncatcher design (I like that the center rondel is solid) 2) the First Nations symbols and meaning worked into the coin* and 3) the flower. I love how the GC logo is worked into the petal.


*I'm a sucker for shape-shifter stories, and for stories involving characters or persons whose main strength is their cunning. Raven stories are pretty darn cool. Have you read Neal Stephenson's "Cryptonomicon" yet? One of the characters has a fairly long but fascinating monologue about the role of cunning in a society's success. Athena, he asserts, represents technological cunning, and that reverence for cunning solutions that the Greeks had survived wholesale in Western societies much to those societies' advances; Raven, he said, is the Native American version of Athena, and shows the same reverence for (or sneaky admiration of) cunning, tho without the heavy technological overtones.


P.S. Aniyn, I like the 3D edges too. : )


Thanks for the cointest!

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Email sent!


WOW! Amazing coin!!! I love it!!! I like the design, the compination of suncatcher and solid metal, the symbolizm wich is so great... and the edge! It reminded me a nest, or the wrap with wire some geocachers do in coins..... :unsure:


It is a very pretty con!!!! WOW!!!!!


Thank you for the cointest and for the chance to win such a beautiful and only for the members coin!!!! :cool:

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Email sent.



This is really a beautiful coin! I love all things Canadian (especially hockey). I was lucky enough to get one of ELTADA's personal coins, which has a Canadian theme to it. I would love to add this one to my collection, as well as a Caching Night in Canada coin...that one is really cool!


Thanx for the cointest!

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The coin takes First Nation's legend and combines it with geocaching. Yes, the trickster is definitely a paramount geocaching theme. When we hide our caches we are always trying to transform our treasure through cammoflauge in order to trick people into a DNF. Very cool idea.

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Email sent, thanks a lot for the cointest :unsure:


I love this coin. What I like most is the 3D-design and the colours. The suncatcher-design looks so beautiful!!! And, to add, I prefer the colours of the member-only coin. The "normal" coin is beautiful, too, but the member-only coin is one of the most amazing I've ever seen. I'd be very very happy to win such a coin :cool:

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Hm..what do I like best about the coin? Simple, it's a reminder of one of my most memorable vacations.



The colors remind me of the beautiful totem poles I saw in Stanley Park and the majestic mountains and their various hues depending on the time of day and cloud cover. The Raven reminds me of the First Nations story I heard and seen at the planetarium in Vancouver and how the first time I heard "First Nations" it made me stop and think. The coin design reinforces what I have come to know and love of Vancouver (hey, It's the only place I've been in B.C.) - colorful, lively and ethnically diverse place to be. And the coin itself is a reminder that geocaching has taken me off the beaten paths to discover fascinating people and places that would have gone unnoticed and unexplored.

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:( Thank You for the chance of owning this members coin.


What do I like about it... It;s Canadian, it's British Columbia, it's well it's a grat looking coin. When the word was first out about the coin I was ready to join BCGA fold but a small little discepancy came up :blink: being that BC borders would have to be moved to Ontario, at least to the eastern side of Geogian Bay :( .

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Thanks so much. Guess I need to send an email.


Yes. Send me an email with your shipping addy. That would be great.


We are still waiting for our order to come in (as you saw that pre-sales only ended the same day as the cointest ended!) so they will be shipped out ASAP when we get them in!


Thanx to all for playing!

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