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Oregon 400t

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I have a question on my 400 which i just recently upgraded to from the etrex h. How do you get your compass to show bearings? And also can you get the compass to read like the etrex h did when you are searching for a cache, what i mean is the way it told you how far you are from your cache in miles then to feet when you neared it



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When i load caches i just click on the send to gps button on the cache search page. I know there is an easier way i just have not figured it out yet i downloaded gsak and easygps and they both confused me.

Learn to use pocket Queries to get up to 500 caches at a time - http://www.markwell.us/pq.htm


Load the unzipped GPX file into the [drive]:\garmin\gpx folder on your device and off you go - no need for GSAk or any other software.

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