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GPSFile depot maps

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The maps vary. I put on the NJ Topo maps, and they are 1:24,000. As for how many, I am not up on those details, but it depends on your GPSr. The amount of memory you have is one factor. Also, there is usually a limit as to the number of map segments that can be placed.

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The Northeast US units (Parts 1-3) are effectively 24k maps.


For some Northeastern states, you have multiple choices. e.g. New York is covered by the New York State topo and by the NE US map.


The NEUS map has a "newer" hydro dataset that is in general more detailed, but while it is not specifically known to have errors, it hasn't been as thoroughly vetted as the hydro dataset used for some of the other maps like NYS Topo.


That said, I use the NEUS mapsets in my Oregon.

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