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COINTEST: What is this?

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I don't know what happened there :D My post looked perfect in the preview but apparantly dissappeared while adding the new topic.


Well, here it goes again:


One dutch cointest has just ended, time for the next :D

This is a photo I took (I downgraded the quality a bit, too make it a little harder...).




The first person to answer the following questions right, wins the cointest:


- What is this?

- Where did I take this picture?


Try to answer as specific as possible! Winner receives a 'passed 4x4' coin (blue version), as the terrain to get to the place where I took this photo was very tough too ;-)

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Very good guesses untill now! But still not the right ones ;-)


The picture was taken just before I started geocaching, so it's not near a cache. I just checke if there are any geocaches in that area, but couldn't find any...

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It's a tiny frog hiding inside a rolled up new leaf. It was taken in your garden by the little pond or fountain??


I'll love to see the big version after we have a winner. I may even steal your concept to create a new version of my old Cointest!! I love the idea of using Photography in these games!!


I did see some frogs near the place as well though ;-)




Will post a bigger version of the cointest photo once I have the right answers!

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Well.... maybe a water lilly leaf and a tadpole that is trying to hide.... or even a baby moskito (not yet a moskito but the one that looks something like a warm??)...


The photo was taken in a lake or a small pond....


On the other hand....that may be a part from a frog or a salamander or even a chameleon!!!


That is my frist try! :D

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Hmm ... a few hints:


- the photo is part flora, part fauna, so a lot of you are on the right track there. Just didn't see the right fauna yet ;-)


- I don't think there's a lot of though terrain in the Netherlands. Most roads are sealed and most places are easily accessible (including the Keukenhof and the Dolfinarium Harderwijk ;-)

The place is not in the Netherlands.

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No chameleon, no snake, although I saw those animals too not far from the place where I took the picture ;-)






But.... one of you has answered the 'what is this?' question right!!!!!

Now it's just the place that needs to be guessed and of course the richt combo of 'what is' and place :D


I'll have to go to sleep now, so I'm curioous if someone will have both questions right tomorrow morning!

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Or it is a kangaroo sleeping in a plant in New Zealand, but that belongs to Australia.


Not Australia or New Zealand. I was in Australia this year, but that was quite hot and dry, so we didn't see a lot of green there.

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Let's make things a little easier and split the cointest into two cointests :D


Opalsns had the right answer to the 'what is this?' question and is winner of part one!

It's a tiny little bat curled up and asleep inside a leaf. So I'll let Opalsns choose between a 'passed 4x4' coin (blue version) or a FTF craze (silver/white).


The person first to guess the right country wins the other coin!!


I didn't see the right country yet.

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