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Geocoin Discovery


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At first I took down all the numbers. I found though I wasn't sitting down to actually log them. I was finding all these little pieces of papers everywhere with numbers on them and not knowing when or where I saw the coin I didn't log them. Now I rarely bother taking down the numbers. I never did see the hoopla in getting as many icons as possilbe.

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Not me, I love to discover things. I even more love to move things on if I can. But I do feel the need to touch the things I discover. I don't like if someone just gives me a list and I didn't actually see and spend time with each item.


In a cache, it there is just one, I will take it, and either leave another one or leave good swag (I know, no swag required, but it is just nice). If there are multiples, I will usually take one and discover the others (and possibly leave one).

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Same here.. I love discovering coins. And all the things I learn from the coin depictions. I also need to hold the coin or at the very least have a photo of the coin.

I keep track of each and every coin in a spreadsheet, about owner, country of release etc.

I hope to create a map one day of all the countries we have discovered coins / tb from. So far I display all the country flags on my personal page.

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If it's a coin I have not seen yet (ergo an icon I don't have on my trackables page yet) I will take down the number. However I'm just as bad at logging discovered coins as I am at logging cache finds... Currently I'm around 1000 cache find logs behind. :D And it gets worse by at least 20 cache finds a week...



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Question for you...


Do you get to the point when you feel you have discovered enough geocoins? Does it become excessive, or do you discover as many as you can?

If you have to ask you're not an addict.... sorry, there is hope for you yet. :D:D

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Interesting question depending on how you look at it.


When it comes to discovering coins in caches, I used to try and find caches with coins because I wanted to see them. After traveling to caches specifically because they had coins in them only to discover the coins were never logged out or stolen or whatever.... I quit that habit because I was starting to get angry. So now if I'm caching and there is a coin inside; woohoo! I will discover them actually I'll take them home and fondle them for a bit then send them on their way. Even if it's a coin I've found before, still need to take and admire it :D


At events, when I was pretty new, I "discovered" coins I saw at events. Then it got to the point where people would hand me pieces of paper with their tracking numbers of their coin collection and I didn't even bother logging those (too lazy and I just don'thave the time to log all those things-plus I don't care about icons). However I will look at collections and fondle coins but very rarely do I ever discover coins anymore exception being someone asks me to do for some special reason. Other than that just seeing the coins and touching them lovingly is good enough for me.


That was the long version of me saying; ya, I got tired of discovering coins but for varied reasons :D

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I do have a contact sheet with the tracking numbers, but they do not get handed out. It is up to the person looking at my very small collection to take one.

Also I will not rediscover coins which I have already discovered at other events. If I re-discover a coin in a cache somewhere then I will discover it a second time, as our paths have crossed again.

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For the record, in case you are not aware of this. Discovering trackables that you have not seen in person is considered abuse of the geocaching.com website. It's called virtual logging and can result in a trackable item being locked so that it can't be logged any more. While we realize that people pass out lists, and locking all those trackables is next to impossible and not in the nature of the game, many items do get locked when it is discovered that the tracking numbers are deliberately posted in public places. For example: if it's posted on the TB/geocoin page for anyone to log, posted on youtube, or the like, "Hey, log me!" style, that kind of thing, or if someone sends out multiple copies with one tracking number. You should have seen it in person to log it. If you find that people are logging your trackable without ever seeing it, you should delete those logs, and maybe find out where they are getting the tracking number.

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