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FS: Colorado 400t with City Navigator North America 2008

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Up for sale is an almost brand-new Garmin Colorado 400t with the 2008 version of Garmin's City Navigator North America DVD, providing turn-by-turn directions and the capability to search for addresses -- right on the GPS unit and on the fly. Also included -- and installed -- is ZAGG's very high-quality screen protector.


This GPS might as well be coming straight from the store with the latest firmware update and the street maps. Everything you'd get with a new Colorado 400t is in this box. Here's the story: I bought a 400t and the City Navigator maps in June 2008 and have never had any problems with it. I in fact had a great time with it -- right up until I dropped it screen-down on a sharp rock. And that happened just a couple days before a planned road trip to Yellowstone National Park. Well, I couldn't make that trip without my trusty 400t, so figuring I could get my original one repaired, I bought a new one.


The unit I'm selling -- the one pictured below -- is a replacement unit Garmin sent me after I sent in my original 400t for repair. Please note that this is NOT a repaired unit, it is a different serial number than my original. Garmin allowed me to transfer the license to the City Navigator maps to this unit, and it's working perfectly.


I can provide higher-resolution photos upon request. Please note that what looks like a scratch on the screen in the close-up shot is a flaw in the screen-protector, not the screen itself. The screen itself is absolutely unscratched underneath the screen protector, which will peel off easily if desired.


I'm asking $450, and I prefer PayPal.


Thanks for looking.







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