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what maps do I need with my Oregon 300?

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My Oregon 300 arrived. YAY YAY YAY YAY! I'm so excited!


What else do I need to buy now? Maps? I want to do basic easy stuff with my kids - nothing too rigorous. Do I want the topo map? I've been using my iphone so far, and it's nice to have streets and stuff just for getting my bearings. I do not intend to do any extreme hiking or anything (on account of the kids).


Also, we go to Scotland for several weeks each year to visit my husband's family. I'd love to do some geocaching there. My husband just got himself a nifty new gps for driving (I had hoped to find something that did both, but he decided he wanted the snazzy new nuvi), so I don't need it for driving but it would be nice to have some detail, again to help me get my bearings. Which European map do I want to get? City Navigator UK? Will this have castles and stuff that's OUTSIDE of cities?


I totally don't know what I'm doing here, so any advice is much appreciated.


Thanks so much!

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Congrats. I just recently got my Oregon 300 and love it.


Check out gpsfiledepot.com. They have free topo maps you can put on the oregon. So far I put on maps for New Jersey, that are much more detailed than the maps preinstalled on the 400t. (24K versus 100K). So that would be a great place to start. I see you are in Seattle, and they have topo for all of Washington, as well as tons of others. Looks like you are well covered with High Quality free maps. Looks like they also have some topo for the UK, but there may be other sites that have better ones for Europe.



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