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best GPS for geocaching

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The GPSr that allows you to find a cache is probably the best for caching. When I first got a gpsr after looking for caches based upon the description alone (pre google earth and satellite images) a basic magellan meridian was the best for me. Then I loved the explorist -- still do in a lot of ways.


Garmin 60csx - reliable

Garmin Colorado - nice!

Asus A696 - often use it for urban caching, satellite images when on the trail, or whereigos.

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I have the Delorme PN-40. Its paperless cache features are nice. Its very accurate. The tech support from Delorme is great. The resolution on the color ariel photos are somewhat of a disappointment unless you live in on of the hi-res cities in their database. It's cheap. I saw it on walmart.com recently for $245. The other unit I would look at is the Oregon 500t. I like the built in geo-referenced camera images. It is a lot more expensive though. I lost faith in Garmin tech support when I tried the Colorado. Hope that helps. :)

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I have used Magellan for years and have noticed that their customer service/support is lacking. I recently bought a Garmin for my son-in-law and noticed that it is alot easier to use. Garmin has a slick program/interface that allows you download geocaches directly from geocaching.com. With all that said, I would go with a Garmin.

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Current primary GPSr is a Garmin Vista Cx. Love it!


Following through (& complimenting the Vista Cx) is a Palm Treo 650 smartphone, equipped with a bluetooth GPS receiver and loaded with Cachmate. Fully/totally paperless 'caching, Awesome!!


In the car I have a Lowrance XOG crossover. Great value!


Finally in my archive drawer is a Lowrance iFinder Pro. Awesome when new! Still quite accurage :)

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I have the iPhone 3G, and it is perfect for paperless geocaching with the Groundspeak Geocaching app. I also have an old Garmin eTrex, it is not even close to the iPhone in this game.


i just picked up a iphone 3G, but i have DATA BLOCK, because i'm not subscribed to a DATA PLAN, only voice, so i'm guessing this will NOT work for me.


i just don't want to spend $30+/mth for the plan.

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i just picked up a iphone 3G, but i have DATA BLOCK, because i'm not subscribed to a DATA PLAN, only voice, so i'm guessing this will NOT work for me...i just don't want to spend $30+/mth for the plan.
I didn't even know you COULD get the phone service without the data plan?


i'm in canada. but i just go a 16GB iphone (refreshed, but it was brand new), with charger cord/adapter thingy, headphone and 3G phone for $99. i pay $15mth/3yrs for a voice plan only. they BLOCK the data, but i can someone still use WiFi (still trying to figure it out, it's only 2 days old). so basically, i have a phone, ipod, cameraphone, data applications, voice memo record etc but when i try to access YOUTUBE or STOCKS or WEATHER, it says "you are blocked"

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I use the Garmin 60csx and carry an old Palm m125 for paperless caching. The decisions that I made may be getting out of date at this point (a year later) but I find that they are "solid" and I wouldn't change a thing at this point. Some of the newer units with paperless caching sound great, I think I would prefer to keep the cheaper two unit approach for several reasons.

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I'm just curious about the kinds of GPS people have. :D Just list the name of the GPS you have and why you like it. :D


I have just started caching, I am using the Groundspeak Geocaching App on my Iphone 3Gs, it works great, no computer needed no dowloads, yesterday my son and I found two caches when we had a few moments spare.

It is accurate to about 6ft



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I have a Sat Map Active 10. I like the OS maps on it (like to see where all the footpaths are!)and I also do paperless as i can load on the gpx files which give me all the details, logs etc Have also used it as a satnav when going on holiday (husband driving, me with the satmap but doing the voice...."Turn left in 100 yards!!!")


I also have an iphone which is useful to look to see exactly where the caches are when i get the email notifications, but dont use for geocaching because of the poor battery. Also weve been to many places where the phone signal has been lost, so would have been pretty usless


Used to have a garmin etrex but sometimes difficult, (especially with multi's) as it only showed the distance "as the crow flies" not always easy to work out which way to go to get to where we needed to be. Having said that, we managed well as im sure lots of other people also do and its very cheap. Good to start with, to see whether it was going to be a "fad" hobby, but we're still going strong!

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I'm just curious about the kinds of GPS people have. :D Just list the name of the GPS you have and why you like it. :D


Garmin Oregon 550t...color screen, camera, and a 5000 cache download so I can travel the wor!dw!de without missing a beat, plus everything I need for now and then some. Totally sexy

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Primary: DeLorme Earthmate PN-40. Love the aerial imagery, the paperless function is awesome, love the electronic compass, very accurate, and the tech support is great. I love this little bugger.


Backup: Garmin eTrex Legend HCx. Was my first handheld, and works just fine. Still carry it when I go into the woods so I have a backup unit, just in case. Very accurate, and a nice screen, but no paperless function and no electronic compass.


Unknown: iPhone 3Gs. Just got this yesterday, haven't even gotten the Geocaching app yet, but have logged into the site. And on the mapping stuff I do have for it, it seems to be very accurate. I turned on the map while I was sitting on my sofa, and it put the dot on the roof of my apartment building right above me, so it seems promising.

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I've been using an iPhone 3G with the official Geocaching app. It works great for pulling up a live list of local caches and navigating to them. The biggest issues are GPS (in)accuracy and battery life. You also need to plan ahead and save caches for offline use if there is no cellular servize near GZ. Plus, it is much smaller than a GPSr and always with you.


I just purchased a DeLORME PN-40se which blows the iPhone away in accuracy and battery life. The paperless caching works great. It can store 1000 caches with descriptions, logs, and hints. Plus enter field notes for finds, etc. It does require a bit of preparation before you go caching you'll have to load the caches you intend to look for, which is very easy with the CacheRegister application.


I will continue to use both devices for caching. The iPhone is great for grabbing one or two micros in parking lots. The DeLORME PN-40se is a serious tool for hunting down caches off the beaten path, and the accuracy even under tree cover is amazing. It really depends on how 'serious' you want to get with Geocaching.

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In my opinion, accuracy and reliability is all that counts. I wouldn't care too much about paperless geocaching, because you have to BYOP anyway most of the time and taking some notes on a tricky multi is just easier and more quickly done with just a pen and a notebook (which I am always taking with me).


If there was a GPSr with ultra-high accuracy, a tilt-compensated 3-axis digital compass, rugged design, reliable, long lasting on a set of batteries but no games, paperless caching features and all the like, I'd buy it. I'd even give up map capabilities most of the time.

I'd propably even prefer it over one of the new touchscreen units (even if at the same price) because all I want is a precision tool and not a toy.


In my opinion, the Garmin gpsmap 60CSx is very close to my requirements, although it is still offering ridiculous games :)




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I have an Oregon 400t. Overall, I really like it. The touch screen and paperless caching is GREAT!!!! The screen is not as hard to read as many would tell you. There still are a few SW bugs that need fixing but it seems Garmin is working on it. I call tech support today and they were extremely friendly and tried very hard to help me. I could not have wanted for better assistance. Before this I had a 60CSx and really liked it but someone stole it from me. It was very accurate but did not have the paperless caching. I will give up a little accuracy (and use my geosense) to have the paperless caching.

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