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Which GPS for accident response

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I'm a geocacher who has been using a very basic GPS for years and have not done any research into the new GPS features.


I need a handheld for work to respond to accidents. To me a basic GPS will work since I only want to put in the coordinates and go, but I would also like to have it give me directions to the location while driving. A nuvi would be great, but I must have a GPS that I can stick some AA batteries and go any time.


Please provide advice on a AA operated handheld GPS that comes loaded with streetmaps or can be loaded with streetmaps for turn by turn directions. All other features are not very important and keeping costs very low would be great.



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Ok well right away I am inclined to recommend you look at the Garmin 60CSx, partly because it is a proven reliable device that is very robust and is capable of street navigation with the addition of City Navigator software.


I also think it would be a good choice because I *think* it has one of the fastest startup times because of the SirF Star chip. I'm guessing you don't want to be waiting around for a "long time" for the thing to acquire a signal lock if it was turned off?

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with the current sale at dell where you can pick up an oregon 300 for $250 that might be a good bet.


you will need to buy city Nav for it just like you would for the 60CSx if you want road routing. it tends to run about $100.


one nice thing that the oregon offers is a touch screen which makes it easier to enter coords.

it's also a smaller unit, which makes it easier to pocket, but has a larger screen which makes it nicer for driving.


if I didn't already have my 76CSx (almost the same device as the 60CSx) I'd be picking up one of these oregons.


my wife has an oregon 400t which is the same device as the oregon 300 with the exception that it comes with topo maps preloaded while the 300 does not.


Dan Tedrick

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I appreciate the responses. I think the screen size and ease of use of the Oregon would be nice, but may only get the boss to buy off on the less expensive eTrex Legend HCx. The 60CSx and the 76CSx look nicer and easier to use than the eTrex.


Would any of them provide the "Turn left now" voice prompts? Not required, but would be nice and could be a selling point for the Oregon if available.


I'll go for the best and hope to end up with anything at all. Thanks again

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...Would any of them provide the "Turn left now" voice prompts? Not required, but would be nice and could be a selling point for the Oregon if available...



No the Garmin Etrex/GPSMaps/Oregons/Colorados don't "talk" to you in the car. But they do "beep" to you when a turn is coming up, and the display shows a very clear indicator on which way to turn. It's actually works quite well. I've used my Vista Cx to autoroute for years and the "beeping" prompt works quite well. The downside is, yes you do have to look away from the road and glance the screen to see which way to turn.

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