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Most often found cache in a country


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Probably yes, but first you have to define what you mean by that...


A pure 'finds per time unit' approach isn't very useful, as recently published caches with a lot of finds on the first day would keep populating the top of that list... Some reasonable minimum age of the candidates would be preferable.


(Disclaimer: I don't have means (necessary input data in some handy format) to produce such a list.)

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Is it possible to determine the most often found cache in a country?


Yes. Just go through the list of all caches for that country, open every cache page and jot down the number of found logs. :mad:


But I guess you want a simpler method than that, possibly even covering archived caches. Then the best bet are bookmark lists. Or asking in the forums for a particular country (preferably with a false claim of "this cache is the most found one in X", which should invite the smart alecs :) ).

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