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help for a newbie hiding stuff

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hello! i was wondering if you could give me some advice! clearly i need it. heh. i'm totally brand new at this (have found 15 caches so far with my 5 and 8 year olds! yay!). So my son wanted to HIDE some things.


So we hid two. The first one, we put in a glass jar, and apparently that is not ok (for fear of it breaking and cutting someone). So we will change that into a plastic container. Also, I took the coordinates with my iPhone, and they were not too accurate, so someone kindly posted better coordinates and I edited the info. I also ordered a better GPS. Yay!


On cache #2, someone posted a comment that there is poison oak nearby and that it's not a good location for a cache. What do I do here? Should I just cancel this cache? Or do you MOVE it somewhere else and change the coordinates?






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Did they say why it was not a good location for the cache, other than the poison oak? Did you see the poison oak when you hid the cache? Is there other logs with negative comments or do other logs say good things about the hide?


If there is a lot of poisonous plants that you need to walk through/ touch, and the cache hiding spot isn't great/ very scenic, you could consider moving it. But you do not have to- poison oak and ivy happen a lot, and you can always warn of it by using the "poisonous plant" attribute and/ or mentioning it in your cache description. If you do decide to move it, I believe if you move it only a short distance (less than 500 feet or so), you can PM your reviewer with the new co-ords and they can change them. If you want to remove the cache completely for whatever reason, just archive the listing, go get your cache and place it somewhere new.

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I had something similar happen with my first cache. I went out, looked and decided it really wasn't that big of a deal that there were a few plants in the general area. So I just updated the attributes and only 1 person out of 30 has said anything so far. If cachers don't want to look for your cache because of poisonous plants then that's their prerogative, but you shouldn't feel like you have to move it just becuase.

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Nothing wrong with putting it in or around poison oak. Just make sure to make it known in your description of the cache and list it in the attributes. Anyone not wanting to be exposed to it will not look. There is always some exposure to poison oak on any cache located in the country. Hard to avoid. Again, make it known to all.

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