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FS: Magellan eXplorist XL

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Brand new eXplorist XL, never used. Has data cable to hook up to computer, and the software CD. Looking for $150.00 or best offer.


Redleg, (Joe) the fellow that post the above offer to sell the subject GPS and I came to an agreement via PMs to sell his GPS to me. I sent a Postal Money Order (PMO) for the full amount agreed and ask that he acknowledge when he received the PMO. Joe responded on July 2, 2009 that he had received the PMO and would send the GPS as advertised. Joe after being prompted by email finally acknowledged that he had sent the package on July 8,2009. I received it July 11,2009 and when I unpacked found everything to be as advertised except the USB/Data cable was missing. I promptly, that day, (July 11,2009) notified Joe by email that I had received the package and that he had overlooked packing the very important USB/Data cable and I request that he sent it to me. Joe responded that same day (July 11,2009) and apologized that the item had "slipped his mind and that he would get it to me ASAP. " I have not received a follow up email from Joe nor the missing USB/Data even after sending two additional emails requesting a response up to the date of this posting. :unsure:


We all take a leap of fate when we sell and purchase items on the Internet but a level of additional trust is assumed when dealing with a community of like-minded Geocheshers and particularly those that frequent this forum. I have purchased several items from individuals on this forum and have never had a problem; I hope that this transaction is not a black mark on the creditability that I have placed in my dealings here. :P

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Did you try calling him? You probably have his name and address which may just net you a phone number. I don't know the situation but I know people get busy. I knew I had some library materials due last week and I just kept putting it off with so much going on. The $65 in fines made me wish I had taken the time to deal with it though!

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Just a note to acknowledge that Joe did finally send me the USB / Data cable ,....abit a month late and after several emails sent by me reminding him of his commitment.

To not be late for anything, for a date, for dinner, for work, for an appointment,......is very important to me. Not being responsive and following through in a "timely" manner on a commitment,....just pisses me off.

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