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Groundspeak Membership Gift Certificates

Blackjack Bailey

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Has anyone ever given a fellow cacher a Premium membership gift certificate?


I'm a bit worried - I rewarded a certain cacher for the FTF on one of my caches, by giving him a Premium Membership Gift Certificate online. I filled in all his contact details, including his email address, as well as my credit card details, and then the Gift Certificate gets emailed directly to the cacher.


However, after the payment was processed online, I was presented with my receipt, but it had the beneficiary details of someone I don't know! A certain John Smith, with email address phaton3@yahoo.com! Is this a scam?


I tried to get hold of the cacher to whom I donated the gift, so that he could check his email, but he's nowhere near a computer all day.


How do I check whether or not the certificate had, in fact, gone to the right person? Or is there somehow of cancelling the transaction?

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No, he couldn't have done that - I submitted the certificate minutes after he phoned me from the cache site, and it's at least a 2 hour hike from there to his car! So he would not have received it yet. Besides, I phoned him soon after I picked up the problem, hoping that he could pick up his emails on his cellphone, but he can't.

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Just a quick update - the cacher has confirmed that he has not received the Gift Certificate by email, so my donation has most certainly been intercepted by a fraudster!


I have sent another email to GC, quoting my ticket number, advising them of this development and requesting them to either forward a Gift Certificate directly to the intended recipient or to refund me the $30.


It's a pity that it's a weekend now, so I will probably only get a response tomorrow at the earliest.

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