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Welcome to The Bee Keeper

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Thanks! I appreciate the welcome.


Oh man, I forgot to log out of the mtn-man account before posting. Cats out of the bag!


:(:(:):D:D Now I've picked myself up off the floor


Welcome Bee Keeper to the Team, I hope you get as much enjoyment out of Reviewing for the UK Community as the rest of us does :)


I'm giving it 10 minutes for someone to PM you with a guess at who you really are [even though we know it's really Greg :) ]



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I hope you dont get to much stick over the coming months, years, decades. :)

do you know what you have let yourself in for ;)

I hope i dont cause you too much trouble.

I would also like to take take this oppertunity to thank all the reviewers for their efforts, without you we would be in a mess :D

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Once upon a time in a far off land there lived a big bad wolf. The big bad wolf wasn't really big and bad but everyone thought he was so he got aKEWsed of all sorts of things. He was happy to plead guilty to:

setting caches he couldnt find himself

setting caches he didnt understand himself

setting caches that no one else could find (except Rodz)

doing caches clothed

doing caches unclothed

doing caches that hadnt even been set

writing very silly stories

writing very silly logs

writing for the sake of it


he was far too fiendish to every be aKEWsed of having the people skills needed to be a reviewer and so pleads NOT GUILTY to that one


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Some say they collect pointy sticks others say they live in an ammo can ....all we know is they are the reviwer.


But I do belive they look simmiler to this:



i thought some look similar to this




now i know four bee keepers who also cache. i wonder if its one them.

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