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Just to update everyone. We have now received the geocoins from Landsharkz - these have been limited to only 450, and there's not too many left. :D


We have also sent the Mega Supporter brochure to the printers, these are also in limited numbers.


So...if you want a coin and a brochure and haven't already registered as a supporter, then now's the time to do it (even if you have previously only registered as an attendee).


Registration and other details can be found here (link), and the GC.com event page listing here (Weston-super-Mega).


Many thanks, :)


Weston-super-Mega Committee :anicute:



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... if someone wanted to check if they had already registered/paid and got a geocoin allocated, is there a way they could do so?


Not that I would forget such an important thing of course... <ahem> <cough>.. Sorry.




Everyone that registers gets an emailed confirmation sent to the email address they entered on the registration form. This is semi-automated, but does rely on me pressing the button, so it should happen within a day or so of the registration. I'm happy to re-send any.


If anyone wants me to check, then please contact me through my profile (after first looking for the email confirmation).


Oh, and yes, I've got your registration and coin allocation ok :(

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Oh, and yes, I've got your registration and coin allocation ok :(


Fantastic news! Thanks for checking. I do recall getting a confirmation email at some stage, but couldn't remember what it was all about or indeed if it was the Mega event or just the camping booking thing (reminds me to check where I filed that too). I usually file confirmations in a special folder, but must have missed this one and it's now gone to the great bit bucket in the sky.


Thanks again & see you there!



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What happens now?

I have registered and ordered.

How are the coins being distributed?

are we collecting them at the event or are they being posted out.

Personally i dont mind which just thought peeps might like to know. :(

:(:):D:D:) Oh and a big thanks for your efforts so far :):D:D:D:D

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