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Vista HCX Stolen, Replacing for now with a CX Vista, Legend or Venture?

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well over Memorial day, my Vista got stolen out of the truck. Insurance won't cover it, Homeowners want BIG money deductable. Just not worth it. On the other hand I don't have the extra cash to just run out and replace it.


So I am checking the auction sites for a tempory replacement, Found that the Venture CX models, are very affordable. Along with the rest of the CX model line.


I use it for Geocaching, and for on the road and hiking with City Nav and Topo.


I do plan to get another HCX but not for a while til I am more flush.


So thoughts?

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Agreed, definitely look for something "H". The eTrex H might be a good choice, it has the high sensitivity receiver and a low price, but otherwise is pretty bare-bones and has the serial interface. Or the eTrex Venture HC, a little more expensive (just over $130 at www.pcnation.com ), but has a color screen and a USB interface.

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I agree. Get one of the newer, i.e. H, models. The Summit HC is essentially the same unit as the Vista HCx except that it has a 24Mb internal memory and doesn't use a memory card. You should be able to get one for about $175 (or less??) at OffRoute.com. Or, you could get a Venture HC - same thing except without the electronic compass and altimeter - for about $130.

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