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i need pug coins please help me?

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i have four little puggys that would love to have their own coins running around.

if someone knows where i may be able to get some that would be awesome^.^

but unfortunatly i dont have the money to buy a whole lot of coins.

have searched ebay but nothing is there but normal dogcoins

anything is helpful thanks!

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I don't have any pug coins, but I do have a suggestion, especially since you don't have a lot of money: check around the various vendors and look for travel bugs. Some of them offer travel bugs at a discounted price if you buy them in bulk (and even if you don't get a discounted bulk price, the TB tag is generally somewhere in the neighborhood of $5-6, which is probably a bit less than you'd end up paying for pug geocoins).


Get four of those lucite photo holder keychains. Put a picture of each of your pugs in each holder. Attach one bug to each keychain (see here for ideas on how to make your bugs' attachments more "surviveable").


Presto! Now you don't have relatively generic pug coins; rather, your pugs themselves (or, rather, their pictures) are now travelers. If you have any leftover bugs, you can attach them to your pugs' collars* and make them discoverable, too. Then, all that's left to do is


release the hounds!!


Good luck on finding some coins, tho, if you still want to get some pug-related coins.


*Make sure you do NOT attach the photopugs' "COPY" tags to your actual pugs. Give your actual pugs their own travel bug tags. This is because there can only be one tracking number per traveller.

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Jackalgirl, that is a brilliant suggestion. :D


My dog has a TB on her collar, but only at events, as it is just to noisy for everyday use...

But she is getting old and frail. Might send her tag out in the world, when she can't go out caching anymore.


Howdy and thank you!


Since the TB tags can be large (and thereby noisy), I have another idea, too: you don't have to use the actual TB /tag/ on your dog's collar. What's important is the number. So if your local pet store has one of those dog tag engraving devices, you could go get a smaller version made


- [dog's name]'S TB



that might be quieter than a full-sized TB. Or, if you're a crafty type, have a slip of metal engraved with the text & TB number, punch holes on either end, bend the metal so it has the same bend in it as a collar, then attach to the collar (either sew it on, or use rivets, whatever you're better with). You could probably get away with this using one of the "dog bone"-shaped tags you can get out of the automated engraving machine, then bend it to a curve and attach it to your dog's collar by sewing it on through the hole and putting a couple of loops of thread around the ends of the tag where the thread will be held on by the bulges at the "bone's" ends.


Heck, if you had a geopug coin, you could use its number on such a tag, then keep the actual coin in your collection. So your pug's page would be associated with the geopug coin's icon. Just be careful to note in the description that this is your dog, and that you'll bring the coin with you to, say, events, for people who want to see the actual coin. : )

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